The Greenhouse Build Part 2 5

This past weekend we started the build and man was it a hot one. Every day was above 30C in the shade.

Day 1

A little bit more digging to get the beams in

20160618_101823 (Medium)


Hole is finally ready for the screening

20160618_133841 (Medium)


One layer of beams

20160618_164252 (Medium)


Finished the beams

20160618_164253 (Medium)


Day 2

Corners going up, my Dad playing hid and go seek behind a panel.

20160619_102258 (Medium)

20160619_103130 (Medium)

20160619_114702 (Medium)

Four walls are up

20160619_134731 (Medium)


Day 3 we got the first rafters up and some of the polycarbonate panels. The day was shorter than usual because of a mandatory Unionized break for the England Euro Match.


20160619_134732 (Medium)

20160620_141041 (Medium)

20160620_141100 (Medium)


Day 4

Some tricky alignment of the rafters slowed us down but 90% of the greenhouse is done. We are missing a door, trim and benches.

20160621_130038 (Medium)

20160621_140542 (Medium)

20160621_181855 (Medium)

20160621_181856 (Medium)

20160621_181857 (Medium)

5 thoughts on “The Greenhouse Build Part 2

  1. Reply Vlad Jun 23,2016 7:27 am

    This is awesome project.
    I’ve been dying to build one myself. Is it designed to be a 4 season house in our harsh Canadian north ?

    • Reply cyberloach Jun 23,2016 5:00 pm

      I wont using it this winter but next year I plan on insulating the knee walls and adding, additional layer polycarbonate and of course heaters.
      I just put in three data logging temperature/humidity gauges and par light meter to see where I am at with my readings.

  2. Reply Vlad Jun 28,2016 7:31 am

    Can’t wait to hear your findings.

  3. Reply Vlad Jun 28,2016 7:32 am

    Happen to have a link to the greenhouse kit you decided to buy?
    I did not know they made nice looking polycarbonate greenhouses 🙂

  4. Reply cyberloach Jun 28,2016 9:35 pm

    Here you go

    It is shipped directly from the manufacturer

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