Lost one of the greats

Over the weekend we lost one of the great Orchidist of our time. Mario Ferrusi with over 450 AOS awards under his belt, he will go down as a legend. However he will not be remembered for awards he will be remembered for his passion towards orchids and their betterment. Mario was always kind to me, telling me I had to stake my flowers better or clean my leaves more thoroughly. These were always said with a smile and they were always meant to improve my growing skills.

I had the great pleasure of being invited to see the Ferrusi’s greenhouses back in 2014. What an experience that was,  the greenhouses were immaculately clean and the plants were spectacular, it made me  feel like such an amateur.Mario gave us a fun tour and Conni was a great hostess feeding us delicious goodies. Mario was such a perfectionist that when I asked to buy a plant he replied “no, I haven’t grown them very well”. Of course they were grown far better than my best plant.


Miss you Mario

20140306_155219 (Medium)

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