Pre-Order List: Southern Ontario Orchid Society Annual Show Feb 11-12 1

We will be vending at the SOOS show this year. We are really excited to be releasing several brand new Phal primaries and some old favorites. The following pre-order list is first come first served. Email your desired plants to
We will have more plants available at the show that didn’t make it to the list.

All plants are in limited quantities.

SS= Small seedling
MS= Medium seedling
LS= Large seedling
BS= Blooming Size


Phal. Primary Hybrids $15

most are SS some are MS

ambo x sand


mod x pallens



tet x modesra

insc x modes

venosa x crmu

pul x kunt

flo x incrip





Phal. Species

Phal. tetraspis LS $20

Phal. pulcherrima MS $15

Phal. kunstleri SS $20



Paph. Fanaticum SS $20

Paph. appletonianum SS $20

Paph. Bernice MS $20

Paph. Pinochio SS $20

Paph. moquettianum SS $20


Misc. $15

Bulb. sumatrana LS

Bulb. papulosum LS

Vanda testacea BS

Sarcolexia Sea Foam BS

Lhta. lunifera BS

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  1. Reply Trisha Feb 10,2017 2:05 pm

    Lovely crosses! And glad to see you’ll be at the show~

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