We only grow Phals over here 1

There are rumours that we grow other types of orchids other that Phals. We want to put these rumours to bed, We grow nothing but phals.

See here a Phal Cattmondo . Looks like it may have some amabilis for the white and parishii for the lip colour in its background.
20170109_194254 (Medium)

Phal Smellinice hard to figured out what is in this ones background but if I was to guess it would be a little micholitzii for colour mixed with a honghenensis for shape. But where did it get that lip??
20170109_194302 (Medium)

Phal Odditi common name alien looking phal. They tell me this is a species but it looks more like a complicate complex hydrid.
20170109_194722 (Medium)

This newly discovered species Phal hairii from china it is fantastic. I’ve been trying to breed this to a blue phal I got at the grocery store but so far no luck.
20170109_194755 (Medium)

Phal realismallii sorry that the photo is not in focus but these guys are darn small. Still haven’t figured out how to get these into my breeding program. Thoughts?
20170109_194748 (Medium)

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  1. Reply Chris Jan 15,2017 10:23 am

    LOL Well done Drew

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