Pleione Watch Part Deux 3

Pleione Watch Part Deux
The watch is over tons of these little guys are in bloom. Pleione formosana Pleione limprichtii Pleione Vesuvius (scented)  

Lighting talk in Kitchener

I will be giving a lighting (strong focus on LEDs) talk at COOS on Monday the 27 of March, address St Jospeh’s Church 148 Madison Ave S, Kitchener, ON. They welcome non-members so come out and hear the talk. I will also be bringing plants for sale.

Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’) 1

Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’)
Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’) The yellow is super bright and intense. Opens like clockwork, within a week of last years bloom.

Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent 2

Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent
Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent (speciosa x violacea) It’s pink, scented and oh, did I mention it was pink. Who could ask for more!    

Pleione watch 2

Pleione watch
The Pleiones are a great plant easy to grow and flower. Basically water them lightly when you see new growth. Water more heavy when in flower. Water until ~sept, then stop and put them in the garage until Feb. I’ll update when they flower

Sarcochilus x Phalaenopsis 2

Sarcochilus x Phalaenopsis
Jacquie and I had the great pleasure of visiting Jean Ikeson’s greenhouse yesterday. Back in 2011 Jean published a supplement on sarcochilus’ for the AOS and when she spoke at our society on the subject last year, I took the chance to talk to her about my desire to try breeding sarcochilus to phalaenopsis. During our greenhouse visit Jean pulled ...

Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Princess 1

Phalaenopsis Kingfisher's Princess
Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Princess (Kung’s Princess ‘Lena’ x Princess Kaiulani ‘Carriage Hill’ AM/AOS) same flower backlit

Flasking Party 3

Flasking Party
Going to be a busy long day. I’ve got 60 flasks to replate and 2 pods to sow.

Phalaenopsis David Lim 4

Phalaenopsis David Lim
Phalaenopsis David Lim (amboinensis x gigantea) This plant is huge. I have it mounted currently it has 3 spikes.

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl 1

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl
Phalaenopsis Penang Girl Love the colour!