Phalaenopsis Dragon Eagle Tree 1

Phalaenopsis Dragon Eagle Tree
Not bad for a first flowering.

Pinkhouse update 3

Pinkhouse update 3
One layer of 50% white shadecloth and a 6mm solar-ice film is on but the heat is still not low enough. Looks like I need more exhaust fans. Electrician comes on Tuesday. Getting really excited over here!

Phalaenopsis mariae 1

Phalaenopsis mariae
Phalaenopsis mariae Often plants labeled mariae turn out to be bastianii or the hybrid Lovely Marie (bastianii x mariae) but this one is the real deal. Flowers are very similar looking to bastianii but the inflorescence growth is less erected than that of bastianii.

Podangis dactyloceras 3

Podangis dactyloceras
Podangis dactyloceras A species from Africa, I grow it potted but it can be mounted. The flowers are transparent almost crystalline and the green center really pops.  

Pinkhouse update 2 1

Pinkhouse update 2
We’ve got heat. I know the summer is coming but nights are still too cool for my Phals. Shadecloth is hopefully going on today.