Phalaenopsis cochlearis

Phalaenopsis cochlearis
Come see this and more at the COOS orchid show this weekend in Cambridge for the address click here For preorder list click here

COOS plant list 1

COOS plant list
All orchids are Seedling sized and will vary from 15-25$ and are in limited quantities Phal. Species 20$ Phal. kunstleri Phal. bastianii Phal. celebensis Phal. pulcherrima var. Aquinii (orange flares pink flower) x Phal. pulcherrima peloric form (yellow flares white flower)   Phal. Hybrids 15$(some exceptions) Phal. bastianii x Phal. tetraspis “C#1” Phal. pulchra x Phal. ...

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima 1

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima
This is a miniature version of the species, leaves are full grown at less than 2 inches and much rounder than the typical species.  The normal leaf size for this species is 4-6 inches. For reference the pot is 3 inches wide

Winterizing the Pinkhouse 1

Winterizing the Pinkhouse
Lots to do now that the weather has started to turn. Insulating the door, closing the vents and adding much need lights(it gets bloody dark in the winter). For next weekend: -extra insulation on the vent -removing the shadecloth from the exterior and bringing it into the inside. Panorama shot