COOS plant list 1

All orchids are Seedling sized and will vary from 15-25$ and are in limited quantities

Phal. Species 20$

Phal. kunstleri

Phal. bastianii

Phal. celebensis

Phal. pulcherrima var. Aquinii (orange flares pink flower) x Phal. pulcherrima peloric form (yellow flares white flower)


Phal. Hybrids 15$(some exceptions)

Phal. bastianii x Phal. tetraspis “C#1”

Phal. pulchra x Phal. kunstleri

Phal. inscriptiosinensis x Phal. modesta

Phal. Eiderstedt – Phal. venosa x Phal. cornu-cervi var. sanguinea

Phal. sumatrana x Phal. bastianii

Phal. mannii x Phal. kunstleri

Phal. Lokelani – Phal. sanderiana ‘Seashell’ x Phal. cornu-cervi var. sanguinea ‘Carmine’

Phal. Mugato – Phal. tetraspis x Phal. javanica

Phal. Quatloos – Phal. modesta x Phal. pallens “mellow yellow”

Phal. Fizzbin – Phal. tetraspis x Phal. modesta

Phal. Flores Sunset – Phal. floresensis x Phal. inscriptiosinensis

Phal. Horta – Phal. mannii x Phal. modesta

Phal. tetraspis “C#1” x Phal. bastianii

Phal. Doc Charles – Phal. amboinensis x Phal. sanderiana ‘Seashell’

Phal. David Lim ‘Stars’ x Phal. venosa ‘Mituo #1’ 20$

Phal. bellina ‘Chen’ AM/AOS x Phal. Zheng Min Muscadine ‘Mituo #1’ 20$

Phal. Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’ x Phal. Hawaii Dragon Girl ‘DT’ AM/AOS 20$

Phal. John Tay – Phal. Princess Kaiulani ’Chin Yo’ AM/AOS × Phal. bellina ‘Joy’ AM/AOS 25$

Phal. Kingfisher’s Canary Dragon – Phal. Yungho Gelb Canary ‘Chin Yo’ x Phal. Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’AM/AOS 25$


Other Orchids

Den. delacourii 15$

Oecl. roseovariegata 20-25$

Paph. Pinocchio ‘Yellow’ – Paph. glaucophyllum x Paph. Primulinum 20$

Paph. Moquettianum 20$

Paph. Berenice – Paph. lowii x Paph. Philippinense 20$

Six. Sea Foam – Srgt. sceptrodes x Pel. laxa 20-25$


Phal. Horta

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