No SOOS this year 2

No SOOS this year
We will not be at the SOOS( Toronto) orchid show this year, we were informed that they are full and have no more room for additional vendors. We will be reaching out to all of you that placed pre-orders to find suitable accommodations. However we shall be at the OSRBG (Burlington) orchid show on Feb ...

On the inside of This Side of Paradise

On the inside of This Side of Paradise
Nothing beats spend an afternoon working in the “pinkhouse” when it is freezing outside.

This Side of Paradise 3

This Side of Paradise
It may be winter but I still have my slice of paradise. -10c outside, +20c on the inside.

Brassoepidendrum Green Dragon 1

Brassoepidendrum Green Dragon
This cross between Epidendrum magnoliae x Brassavola nodosa is a highly scented miniature. The lip is highly influenced by nodosa but the size of the plant by the magnoliae. We will have these for sale at the winter shows.

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica 3

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica
Named because its patterns resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs. I think the petal on the left says “eat Tuna sushi it is yummy”.

Phalaenopsis Borneo Star

Phalaenopsis Borneo Star
Cross between belina and lueddemanniana. Strongly scented flat flower.