In bloom in the Pinkhouse 4

In bloom in the Pinkhouse
It’s been a rough winter so far. Re-learning how to grow in a greenhouse has been a challenge but the days are getting longer now and things are starting to pick. Here are a few plants that have not missed a beat up.

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘B100’ 1

Phalaenopsis equestris 'B100'
Phalaenopsis equestris ‘B100’ I am not usually one for the round flat flower type, I normally prefer “wild” type but these guy is a cuties. The pollen fell into a gigantea 🙂

Phalaenopsis gigantea

Phalaenopsis gigantea
My plants are only about 8 years old so their leaves are not that large but this species can have leaves that live up to it’s name and be up to 90cm long. Two plants in bloom in the pinkhouse today.