New plants for OSRBG orchid show preorder 2

What happens when this orchid nut goes to an orchid show with a few coins in his pockets? The same thing that happens to all orchid nuts, we buy way too many plants.  Because of this we are adding a bunch of new plants to our preorder list for the OSRBG(this is on top of the current list at

These are all blooming sized plants. All plants are in limited quantities.

Species $
Phalaenopsis bellina 35
Phalaenopsis gigantea var. alba (4-5inch leaves) 60
Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica var. flava 35
Phalaenopsis javanica 30
Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis(brand new species) 35
Phalaenopsis modesta 30
Phalaenopsis pallens 35
Phalaenopsis sanderiana 35
Phalaenopsis schilleriana 35
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis 30
Phalaenopsis tetraspis f. imperatrix (purple) 35
Phalaenopsis tetraspisf imperatrix (red) 35
Phalaenopsis venosa 30
Phalaenopsis wilsonii 25
Phalaenopsis japonica 30
Primary Hybrids $
Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica var. flava x Phal. Javanica 25
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. punctatissima x Phal. Finleyi 25
Phalaenopsis Anna (Phal. parishii x Phal. thailandica) 25
Phalaenopsis Sacha (Phal. parishii x Phal. malipoensis) 25
Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (Phal. appendiculata x Phal. pulcherrima) 25
Phalaenopsis Venus (Phal. lindenii x Phal. equestris) 25

2 thoughts on “New plants for OSRBG orchid show preorder

  1. Reply Gerry Duncan Mar 3,2018 3:55 pm

    Greetings…we are moving into a new Condo on March 26…
    It only has a northern exposure…full wall of window 5’ high x 22’ Long
    The window is behind a covered balcony 22’ Long by 6’ wide..there seems like a lot of light however being a total newbie I am seeking advice, suggested plants to start my hobby…the show knocked me off my feet, I didn’t purchSe anything because our New Condo is not ready until March 26.
    I am going to the RBG meeting on March 25th..hope to meet you again..
    Gerry Duncan

    • Reply drew Mar 3,2018 7:49 pm

      I would wait until you get the condo to see how much light you actually get. However it sounds like you will have low light I start with a nice Phal to see how it goes. Many of use supplement with artificial lighting so that always an option

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