Our newly named cross 4

Our newly named cross
This is Tranya.  I hope you relish it as much as I. Phal Tranya(Lowland Juwel x kunstleri)

Phalaenopsis Anna

Phalaenopsis Anna
Got a few Anna’s(Phal. parishii x Phal. thailandica) that have bloomed, they are very cute. I like the second one because the parishii colour is coming through.

Seedpod 1

The yellow flower is about a week into forming a seedpod. I love how yellow it gets. Remember if you want to try creating your own orchid we will flask it for you FLASKING for FREE

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse 3

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse
Today we are about to create a bunch of seedpods from our best flowers. Once we do the flower will wilt, so why not take some pis before they do. Phal Stone Dance   Phal amboinensis   Phal bastianii   Phal schilleriana   Phal Tying Shin Glider   Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis