Phalaenopsis Flores Sunset 2

Phalaenopsis Flores Sunset
This is our remake of this pirmary hybrid (floresensis x inscriptiosinensis). Must be blooming season as we have numerous in bloom. I am a big fan of the creamy white background of both parents. I also love this form too bad the judges tend not to.  

Phal. San Shia Appendo (appendiculata x pulcherrima) 1

Phal. San Shia Appendo (appendiculata x pulcherrima)
Miniature phal primary, very brightly coloured. I’ll have a few for sale tomorrow(June 24) at the OSRBG monthly meet.  

Phal bellina & violacea 1

Phal bellina & violacea
Very similar species but are nicely scented and how great colouring.   Phal violacea (sumatra x standard) Phal violacea f. coerulea   Phal bellina¬†f.¬†coerulea (colour is a stronger purple in person) Phal bellina   Phal. Samera(alba violacea x alba bellina)

Pinkhouse’s pink flowers 1

Pinkhouse's pink flowers
Pink flowers from the Pinkhouse   Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis. One of our newly acquired species in its first bloom.   Phalaenopsis pulchra. This species has a nice saturated pink colour that is enhanced by the glossiness of the petals. It keikis(make small baby plants) often, so if you own one you will probably own several soon ...