Spring Sale “no shipping”

Time for the “Spring I need room for more plants” sale. We are starting with contactless pick up only. The box will be sprayed with disinfectant while we wear gloves and placed on the porch for you to pick up at a mutually agreed time. BURLINGTON ONTARIO pick up only.

-We will be taking orders only via email:
-Email orders will be processed in a first come first served basis
-We will be accepting electronic payments only
-Pick up only, no shipping yet, no reserving for shipping
-No resellers / vendors please
-The plants pictured in the post are for sale and priced individually. If you would like to order those specific plants clearly mention that in your email order.

All plants are in very low quantities.
BS=blooming size
MS=medium seedling
SS=small seedling

Phal Species
P pulcherrima var. Aquinii x pulcherrima peloric MS 15
P. bastianii MS 15
P. cornu-cervi var. Red BS 25
P. equestris BS 30
P. equestris (blue lips) MS 25
P. equestris var.leacopsis ‘Anne’ JC/AOS BS 30
P. equetris, deep red form BS 30
SOLD OUT P. hieroglyphica BS 35
P. japonica MS 25
P. lueddemanniana ‘Stars’ x P. lueddemanniana SS 15
P. mentawaiensis BS 35
P. pulcherrima BS 25
P. pulcherrima “Joy” BS 35
P. stuartiana BS 35
P. stuartiana v. punctatissima BS 40
P. tetraspis (random red petals) BS 35
P. tetraspis “The heavenly maids scatter blossoms” BS 35
SOLD OUT P. tetraspis imperatrix (purple to red) BS 40

Phal Hybrids
P. Anna Larati Sockadi BS 25
P. bellina x P Shingher Pure Love MS 20
P. Brother Ambo Passion x Mituo Ambo MS 15
P. Chienlung Red Eagle ‘Paige’ x Samera ‘Patrick’ MS 15
SOLD OUT P. cornu cervi “Dark Red” P. violacea indigo LS 30
P. Doc Charles(amboinensis x sanderiana )MS 15
P. Eiderstedt(venosa x cornu-cervi var. sanguinea)MS 15
P. Guadelupe Pineda f. flava BS 35
P. Joy Auckland Beauty x P.Princess Lailulani MS 25
P. Joy Green Bee ‘Green Bee’ BS 30
P. Joy Little Ear BS 25
P. Joy Micholuedde MS 25
P. Joy Michona (Joy Micholitz-Ludde x P.bellina (Blue)BS 30
P. Lokelani(sanderianaxcornu-cervi var.sanguinea) MS 15
P. lueddemanniana x P. venosa MS 25
P. Memoria Hedy Kraemer(bastianii xtetraspis”C1″)MS 15
P. Mugato( tetraspis x javanica) MS 15
P. Princess Kaulani x lueddemanniana MS 20
P. pulcherrima alba peloric x venosa MS 15
SOLD OUT P. pulchra “Big” X P. violacea indigo” BS 30
P. Shronk (mannii x kunstleri) MS 15
P. sumatrana x Phalaenopsis bastianii MS 15
P. Yuugho Princess Gelb x P. venosa “Dark Red” MS 20

Other Plants Species
Aerides odorata BS 25
Ascocentrum ampullaceum BS 25
Ascocentrum christensonianum BS 25
Bulbophyllum falcatum BS 25
Bulbophyllum orectopetalum BS 25
Chiloschista viridiflava BS 40
Cleisostoma discolor BS 25
Cymbidium erythraeum ‘alba’ MS 15
Dendrobium convolutum MS 15
Epi. polybulbon MS 20
Gastrochilus obliquus SS 15
Holcoglossum Kimballianum SS 15
Holcoglossum lingulatum SS 15
Pelatantheria ctenoglossum BS 25
Pelatantheria insectifera BS 25
Smitinandia micrantha BS 25
Trichoglottis amesiana BS 25
Trichoglottis atropurpurea BS 30
Trichoglottis orchidea BS 30

Other Plants Hybrids
(Catt. Seagulls Mini-Cat Heaven x Cattlianthe Essence of Red) x Catt. schilleriana SS 15
Dendrobium Ueang Phueng(Den. jenkinsii× lindleyi)BS 25
Myrmecatavol Frances Fox BS 35

Anoectochilus Charlotte’s Web SS 15
Aspidogyne querceticola SS 15
Dossinochilus Dreamcatcher SS 15
Dossinochilus Turtle Back SS 15
Dossisia Dominyl Judy SS 15

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