About Us

Drew Goddard is the owner and operator of This Side of Paradise.
I have been growing plants most of my life. My very first plant was a water lotus. A gift from my mother at the age of 5. That little plant started a lifelong obsession with things that grow.
While researching what plants would fill up my vivariums from my other hobby, Dart frogs, I stumbled upon family Orchidaceae. I’m not sure why I never grew them prior as I had grown everything from tulips to bonsai but the seed was planted, that was 10 years ago.

Now a member of several orchid societies, former President for the OSRBG, the orchid obsession is complete. I gradually dragged my wife Jacquie into the hobby and now it’s a full on family affair.

Over the past couple years we have been flasking up a storm with an emphasis on Phal species and primary hybrids. In a couple more years we will offering a large amount of Phals for sale.
Our personal collection comprise mostly of Nodosa crosses and Phal species.