Pinkhouse’s pink flowers 1

Pinkhouse's pink flowers
Pink flowers from the Pinkhouse   Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis. One of our newly acquired species in its first bloom.   Phalaenopsis pulchra. This species has a nice saturated pink colour that is enhanced by the glossiness of the petals. It keikis(make small baby plants) often, so if you own one you will probably own several soon ...

Phalaenopsis honghenensis

Phalaenopsis honghenensis
Beautiful miniature Phal. this species is often confused with stobartiana(fig 3) as their colour, size and shape can be very similar. One major difference is a pronounced spur at the rear of lip structure(fig2) vs that of a stobartiana(fig 4).  

Phalaenopsis Fizzbin

Phalaenopsis Fizzbin
Much better form than it’s first bloom. This Fizzbin is scented and has a nice lip.

Phalaenopsis japonica

Phalaenopsis japonica
Got a bunch of japonicas in bloom, even got an alba form with three flower. The alba form tends to be a little harder to grow and generally has fewer flowers.

Phalaenopsis Quatloos 4

Phalaenopsis Quatloos
(Phal. modesta x Phal. pallens ‘Mellow Yellow’) two first bloomers. The difference in colour intensity of the patterns is striking.

Phalaenopsis stobartiana

Phalaenopsis stobartiana
Rare miniature Phal species from China.  

Summer is here!

Summer is here!
The Pinkhouse got its shadecloth put on this weekend, that is a good sign! Summer is here.

Phalaenopsis chibae

Phalaenopsis chibae
One of the smallest Phal flowers around but it makes up for it with a high flower count. The large lip is very prominent in it’s hybrids. Tying Shin Glider

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl
This dark form (made with a Norton Violacea) absolutely rocks! It’s scented and blooms reliably.

From the nodosa side of the pinkhouse 2

From the nodosa side of the pinkhouse
I don’t post a lot of photos of our nodosa hybrid collection but it is fairly large. Jacquie, my wife, loves them and collects every nodosa cross she can get her hands on. I do understand her obsession they are highly scented and come in striking colours. Below are a couple examples. (E. tampensis x ...

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi ‘Rubella”

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi 'Rubella
I really cannot get enough of cornu-cervi’s, I mean what is not to like. They are red (at least this form is), glossy and bloom faithfully twice a year. They even keiki often!

Phalaenopsis parishii ‘deep purple’ 2

Phalaenopsis parishii 'deep purple'
These miniature Phals are quite a gem. They bloom readily but they are not always the easiest to keep alive. With my mounted plants I cannot see the plant labels without some effort, apparently I really like parishii, a lot, as we have 14 in bloom right now.

Phalaenopsis venosa 1

Phalaenopsis venosa
Two nice dark example of Phal venosa. Still by far my favorite scented Phal. Bacon! Yes it smells like Bacon!. Actually it’s more of a smokey hickory smell.

Phalaenopsis Lirpa 1

Phalaenopsis Lirpa
Our newly registered hybrid Phalaenopsis Lirpa(inscriptiosinensis x modesta). Again modesta’s form is extremely dominant and has a similar scent.

TAOA Orchid Show – April 14 & 15

TAOA Orchid Show - April 14 & 15
We will not be there(couldn’t get the time of work) but our friends at TAOA are having their Orchid show April 14th and 15th. It’s one of the last show of the show season so make sure you have a visit.

Our newly named cross 4

Our newly named cross
This is Tranya.  I hope you relish it as much as I. Phal Tranya(Lowland Juwel x kunstleri)

Phalaenopsis Anna

Phalaenopsis Anna
Got a few Anna’s(Phal. parishii x Phal. thailandica) that have bloomed, they are very cute. I like the second one because the parishii colour is coming through.

Seedpod 1

The yellow flower is about a week into forming a seedpod. I love how yellow it gets. Remember if you want to try creating your own orchid we will flask it for you FLASKING for FREE

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse 3

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse
Today we are about to create a bunch of seedpods from our best flowers. Once we do the flower will wilt, so why not take some pis before they do. Phal Stone Dance   Phal amboinensis   Phal bastianii   Phal schilleriana   Phal Tying Shin Glider   Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis

Free Flasking Services 3

Free Flasking Services
We offer hobby grade green pod flasking services for the Canadian market. Our goal is to promote orchid growing in Canada and help create a more sustainable hobby. Flasking Options: –Free flasking. This option is available if the green pod received is of sufficient quality, both parents are named and photos of both parents are ...