Podangis dactyloceras 3

Podangis dactyloceras
Podangis dactyloceras A species from Africa, I grow it potted but it can be mounted. The flowers are transparent almost crystalline and the green center really pops.  

Pinkhouse update 2 1

Pinkhouse update 2
We’ve got heat. I know the summer is coming but nights are still too cool for my Phals. Shadecloth is hopefully going on today.  

Phalaenopsis lobbii 3

Phalaenopsis lobbii
Phalaenopsis lobbii “Big boy” This particular lobbii is really prolific, third bloom in 13 months span. Loonie in the second photo shows how big this guy is.

Phalaenopsis amboinensis 4

Phalaenopsis amboinensis
Phalaenopsis amboinensis Scented, long lasting and quite striking.

Phalaenopsis deliciosa 2

Phalaenopsis deliciosa
Phalaenopsis deliciosa This is one of my favorite Phals. Clusters of flowers usually about 4-8 of them at one time. “Nikki”   var. hookeriana “Jax” “Sunrise”

Phalaenopsis Fizzbin

Phalaenopsis Fizzbin
Phalaenopsis Fizzbin (Phal. tetrapsis x Phal. modesta) First bloomed in Feb 23, 2017-pollinated Dec 21,2014 One of our newly registered hybrids. Form is very close to that of modesta.

Pinkhouse update 2

Pinkhouse update
A quick Greenhouse update: insulation is installed and some of the second glazing layer. Heater has been delivered awaiting installation. Still missing interior electrical. Security system/cameras installed. Hoping two weeks to plants, fingers crossed.

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi Amazing how different each form can be.

Phalaenopsis stobartiana 2

Phalaenopsis stobartiana
Phalaenopsis stobartiana This Chinese flower is probably the rarest Phal I own and I am so happy it finally bloomed.  It is a miniature with few leaves, long root system and no noticeable scent. The section Aphyllae can be difficult to tell apart,  one of the ways to do so is to review the rear ...

Parishii Party

Parishii Party
Tiny and cute these miniature Phals are a challenge if you don’t have the right conditions. Once you do they can reward you with numerous flowers. Phalaenopsis parishii “Polly” another Phalaenopsis parishii another Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis Chienlung Luedgiana 3

Phalaenopsis Chienlung Luedgiana
Phalaenopsis Chienlung Luedgiana (lueddemanniana x corningiana) Same parent very different results

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl
Phalaenopsis Penang Girl This is the deepest coloured one I’ve got.  

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 5

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark
Phalaenopsis Mini Mark (Micro Nova x philippinensis) A highly requested plant that I only have a couple left for breeding purposes. May breed this to a parishii, thoughts?

Pleione Watch Part Deux 3

Pleione Watch Part Deux
The watch is over tons of these little guys are in bloom. Pleione formosana Pleione limprichtii Pleione Vesuvius (scented)  

Lighting talk in Kitchener

I will be giving a lighting (strong focus on LEDs) talk at COOS on Monday the 27 of March, address St Jospeh’s Church 148 Madison Ave S, Kitchener, ON. They welcome non-members so come out and hear the talk. I will also be bringing plants for sale.

Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’) 1

Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’)
Phal Kingfisher’s Dragon Wing (John Ewing ‘KFO’ x ‘Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’) The yellow is super bright and intense. Opens like clockwork, within a week of last years bloom.

Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent 1

Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent
Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent (speciosa x violacea) It’s pink, scented and oh, did I mention it was pink. Who could ask for more!    

Pleione watch 2

Pleione watch
The Pleiones are a great plant easy to grow and flower. Basically water them lightly when you see new growth. Water more heavy when in flower. Water until ~sept, then stop and put them in the garage until Feb. I’ll update when they flower

Sarcochilus x Phalaenopsis 2

Sarcochilus x Phalaenopsis
Jacquie and I had the great pleasure of visiting Jean Ikeson’s greenhouse yesterday. Back in 2011 Jean published a supplement on sarcochilus’ for the AOS and when she spoke at our society on the subject last year, I took the chance to talk to her about my desire to try breeding sarcochilus to phalaenopsis. During our greenhouse visit Jean pulled ...

Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Princess 1

Phalaenopsis Kingfisher's Princess
Phalaenopsis Kingfisher’s Princess (Kung’s Princess ‘Lena’ x Princess Kaiulani ‘Carriage Hill’ AM/AOS) same flower backlit