Phalaenopsis parishii ‘deep purple’ 2

Phalaenopsis parishii 'deep purple'
These miniature Phals are quite a gem. They bloom readily but they are not always the easiest to keep alive. With my mounted plants I cannot see the plant labels without some effort, apparently I really like parishii, a lot, as we have 14 in bloom right now.

Phalaenopsis venosa 1

Phalaenopsis venosa
Two nice dark example of Phal venosa. Still by far my favorite scented Phal. Bacon! Yes it smells like Bacon!. Actually it’s more of a smokey hickory smell.

Phalaenopsis Lirpa 1

Phalaenopsis Lirpa
Our newly registered hybrid Phalaenopsis Lirpa(inscriptiosinensis x modesta). Again modesta’s form is extremely dominant and has a similar scent.

TAOA Orchid Show – April 14 & 15

TAOA Orchid Show - April 14 & 15
We will not be there(couldn’t get the time of work) but our friends at TAOA are having their Orchid show April 14th and 15th. It’s one of the last show of the show season so make sure you have a visit.

Our newly named cross 4

Our newly named cross
This is Tranya.  I hope you relish it as much as I. Phal Tranya(Lowland Juwel x kunstleri)

Phalaenopsis Anna

Phalaenopsis Anna
Got a few Anna’s(Phal. parishii x Phal. thailandica) that have bloomed, they are very cute. I like the second one because the parishii colour is coming through.

Seedpod 1

The yellow flower is about a week into forming a seedpod. I love how yellow it gets. Remember if you want to try creating your own orchid we will flask it for you FLASKING for FREE

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse 3

In flower this week in the Pinkhouse
Today we are about to create a bunch of seedpods from our best flowers. Once we do the flower will wilt, so why not take some pis before they do. Phal Stone Dance   Phal amboinensis   Phal bastianii   Phal schilleriana   Phal Tying Shin Glider   Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis

Free Flasking Services 3

Free Flasking Services
We offer hobby grade green pod flasking services for the Canadian market. Our goal is to promote orchid growing in Canada and help create a more sustainable hobby. Flasking Options: –Free flasking. This option is available if the green pod received is of sufficient quality, both parents are named and photos of both parents are ...

New plants for OSRBG orchid show preorder 2

New plants for OSRBG orchid show preorder
What happens when this orchid nut goes to an orchid show with a few coins in his pockets? The same thing that happens to all orchid nuts, we buy way too many plants.  Because of this we are adding a bunch of new plants to our preorder list for the OSRBG(this is on top of ...

Pre-order list for SOOS and OSRBG orchid shows 4

Pre-order list for SOOS and OSRBG orchid shows
Pre-order list is up at

NEWS FLASH we will be at SOOS 1

NEWS FLASH we will be at SOOS
We are extremely happy to announce that we will be going to SOOS orchid show in Toronto. We only have a week to prepare for the show, we will do our best to our preorder list up on Saturday. Toronto Botanical Garden, 777 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1P2, Canada February 10 & 11, ...

In bloom in the Pinkhouse 4

In bloom in the Pinkhouse
It’s been a rough winter so far. Re-learning how to grow in a greenhouse has been a challenge but the days are getting longer now and things are starting to pick. Here are a few plants that have not missed a beat up.

Phalaenopsis equestris ‘B100’ 1

Phalaenopsis equestris 'B100'
Phalaenopsis equestris ‘B100’ I am not usually one for the round flat flower type, I normally prefer “wild” type but these guy is a cuties. The pollen fell into a gigantea 🙂

Phalaenopsis gigantea

Phalaenopsis gigantea
My plants are only about 8 years old so their leaves are not that large but this species can have leaves that live up to it’s name and be up to 90cm long. Two plants in bloom in the pinkhouse today.

No SOOS this year 2

No SOOS this year
We will not be at the SOOS( Toronto) orchid show this year, we were informed that they are full and have no more room for additional vendors. We will be reaching out to all of you that placed pre-orders to find suitable accommodations. However we shall be at the OSRBG (Burlington) orchid show on Feb ...

On the inside of This Side of Paradise

On the inside of This Side of Paradise
Nothing beats spend an afternoon working in the “pinkhouse” when it is freezing outside.

This Side of Paradise 3

This Side of Paradise
It may be winter but I still have my slice of paradise. -10c outside, +20c on the inside.

Brassoepidendrum Green Dragon 1

Brassoepidendrum Green Dragon
This cross between Epidendrum magnoliae x Brassavola nodosa is a highly scented miniature. The lip is highly influenced by nodosa but the size of the plant by the magnoliae. We will have these for sale at the winter shows.

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica 3

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica
Named because its patterns resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs. I think the petal on the left says “eat Tuna sushi it is yummy”.