Plant list

Spring List

Shipping will start April 29th

We will be at OSRBG monthly meet on April 28th

We will be speak at COOS on April 22nd

SS=small seedling
MS=Medium seedling
LS= Large seedling
BS= Blooming Size
Plants are very recently imported from Joseph Wu. They have been potted but are not fully re-established
Name Size CAD $
P. Mini Mark Sold out BS 40
P. equestris
“Kaleidoscope” (Peloric)
LS 25
P. pulcherrima “Joy” sold out BS 30
P. tetraspis MS 20
P. equestris var.leacopsis ‘Anne’ JC/ AOS LS 25
P. bellina var. coerulea MS 25
P. violacea (Indigo) MS 25
P. bellina “Ponkan” Sold out MS 25
P. corningiana (blue lips) Sold Out MS 25
P. cornu cervi (Red) MS 20
P. pulcherrima alba LS 25
P. violacea GG116 sibling sold out MS 25
P. bellina alba Sold out MS 25
P. amabilis(Round) MS 20
P. schilleriana SS 20
P. Anna Larati Sockadi sold out LS 15
P. Luedde-Violacea Sold out LS 20
P. Joy Spotted Cat
(P. Yellow Chocolate x P. lueddemanniana” Mindanao” )
MS 15
P. Anna Larati Sockadi x P. Sexy Venus “LW47 GW678” LS 15
P. Joy Nancy Lady LS 15
These are established plants
P. japonica Sold Out BS 25
P. equestris Sold Out BS 25
P. Sibergrube x javanica BS 25
P. Little one LS 25
Pomatocalpa angustifolia BS 20
Gastrochillius obliqus MS 20
P. Doc Charles( amboinensis x sanderiana “Seashell”) MS 15
P. Lokelani (sanderiana “Seashell” x cornu-cervi var. sanguinea “Carmine”) MS 15
P. Eiderstedt (venosa x cornu-cervi var. sanguinea) MS 15