Plant list


SOOS and OSRBG Show pre-order List

The plants in the table below are all blooming sized plants. All plants are in limited quantities.

Species $
Phalaenopsis bellina Sold out
Phalaenopsis gigantea var. alba (4-5inch leaves) Sold out
Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica var. flava Sold out
Phalaenopsis javanica Sold out
Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis(brand new species)  Sold out
Phalaenopsis modesta 30
Phalaenopsis pallens 35
Phalaenopsis sanderiana  Sold out
Phalaenopsis schilleriana  Sold out
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis  Sold out
Phalaenopsis tetraspis f. imperatrix (purple) Sold out
Phalaenopsis tetraspisf imperatrix (red) 35
Phalaenopsis venosa 30
Phalaenopsis wilsonii  Sold out
Phalaenopsis japonica  Sold out
Primary Hybrids $
Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica var. flava x Phal. Javanica Sold out
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. punctatissima x Phal. Finleyi  Sold out
Phalaenopsis Anna (Phal. parishii x Phal. thailandica) Sold out
Phalaenopsis Sacha (Phal. parishii x Phal. malipoensis) Sold out
Phalaenopsis San Shia Appendo (Phal. appendiculata x Phal. pulcherrima) Sold out
Phalaenopsis Venus (Phal. lindenii x Phal. equestris) 25


The plants below are all sold as seedling size unless stated but many are blooming size. Quantities are limited.


Phalaenopsis Species 20$

Phalaenopsis bastianii


Phalaenopsis kunstleri


Phalaenopsis pulcherrima – Phalaenopsis pulcherrima var. Aquinii x Phalaenopsis pulcherrima peloric form

Phalaenopsis Hybrids 15$ except where listed

Phalaenopsis Doc Charles( amboinensis x sanderiana “Seashell”)

Phalaenopsis bastianii x Phalaenopsis tetraspis “C#1”

Phalaenopsis bellina ‘Chen’ AM/AOS x Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Muscadine ‘Mituo #1’

Phalaenopsis David Lim ‘Stars’ x Phalaenopsis venosa ‘Mituo #1’

Phalaenopsis Dragon Tree Eagle ‘DT#1’ X Phalaenopsis Hawaii Dragon Girl ‘DT’ AM/AOS

Phalaenopsis inscriptiosinensis x Phalaenopsis modesta

Phalaenopsis Flores Sunset (floresensis x inscriptiosinensis)

Phalaenopsis Lowland Juwel x Phalaenopsis kunstleri

Phalaenopsis Shronk (mannii x kunstleri)

Phalaenopsis Horta (mannii x modesta)

Phalaenopsis Quatloos (modesta x pallens “mellow yellow”)

Phalaenopsis Penang Girl x Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi var. sanguinea “Carmine”

Phalaenopsis pulchra x Phalaenopsis kunstleri

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima alba peloric x Phalaenopsis venosa

Phalaenopsis Lokelani (sanderiana “Seashell” x cornu-cervi var. sanguinea “Carmine”)

Phalaenopsis sumatrana x Phalaenopsis bastianii

Phalaenopsis Mugato (tetraspis x javanica)

Phalaenopsis Fizzbin (tetraspis x modesta)

Phalaenopsis tetraspis “C#1” x Phalaenopsis bastianii

Phalaenopsis Eiderstedt (venosa x cornu-cervi var. sanguinea)

Phalaenopsis Yoko (aphrodite 4N x wilsonii)  Blooming sized 20$